Sunday, November 21, 2010

CCAA's newest change

Check this out...this is sooooooo exciting!

For families interested in adopting a Special Focus child
(a child that's been on the shared sn's list for over 2 months),
AND have completed an adoption in the last 12 months...
GUESS only need to submit an updated homestudy & updated USCIS approval
along with your ORIGINAL dossier...that's right, you don't have to complete a new dossier.
It's 12 months from when from your child's adoption date.
I'm not saying more children coming to OUR home...although I HOPE SO!
(shhhhh....don't tell my hubby I said that...he said we are done :)


Anita said...

I know, isn't it just...WOW!! I don't know what they means for us...check out my blog post about our I-171H. :) And girlfriend....ya stole my music...that was exactly the song I was gonna put on mine! HA! Ah well....good minds think alike!! LOL!

Emma Kate's family said...

OH my lands. My heart is beating so fast! What wonderful news!!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

;) I am right there with you!!! DH says God will have to drop one out of the sky. Of course he has said that before.

Honestly, though, it would be a miracle b/c we've had a tough, tough, tough transition. Still there most days. Older child adoption is so hard. Expected it to be, but anyway ... I am thinking just like you. Not sure we'd qualify but who knows. With God, nothing is impossible!@

You have a beautiful bunch!

Ashley said...

He he. My hubby says we are all done too. We will see. :)