Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy Love Challenge

A very precious mama, Linny, over at A Place Called Simplicity has once again amazed my heart with her love for the orphan....her love for adoptive families....her love for her bloggy family! Her hearts greatest desire is minister to the orphan and she loves to help them home!! Her family is a beautiful example of all the Lord has called us to be!

Linny has opened her blog for a Crazy Love Challenge. It's a way for families to share about the journey that they are in the middle of...the journey of bringing their child home. LINNY...thank you for allowing us to share about our family and for opening your precious blog to help the orphan and their families!!!

We are coming close to the end of that journey and the beginning of a new one. We are so close!!!

So, here's the scoop on this crazy, awesome journey to our Solomon!!
~Article 5 will be picked up from the consulate on August 16 (next monday)
~It will be taken to the CCAA and we will wait for TA (travel approval)
~If things continue they way they have, we should have TA by Aug. 30th and travel ASAP...prayerfully that week!!!!!

Soooooo we could be leaving in less than 4 weeks!!!! We are still $6500 away from being able to board the plane. Bottom line...if we don't raise the rest of the money, we will be delayed in bringing our sweet son home until we have the funds. If we don't travel in September, we will be delayed until LATE November because of all the Chinese holidays. Sooooooo...if the Lord will's, we need to be leaving early Sept.

~Prayer...the most important need...pray for our sweet son, our family, and God's continued provision
~Shop...LOL...BUY Solomon shirts...BUY Solomon's not too early to be thinking Christmas gifts folks :)
~Puzzle...SPONSOR a puzzle pieces for Solomon's Prayer Puzzle

Little by little and sometimes Big by big...God is providing through each of you and just look what He's done...we are almost there!!


Mom Of Many said...

Hey sweet friend! So fun to peek at your blog...your little Solomon is absolutely adorable!!

Just wanted you to know that I had to change your link to a's explained on the earlier post...anyway, I did it for you!
Hope this makes sense!!

People visit A Place Called Simplicity for months after the fact so if you just link it to your blog, then they don't know about the Crazy Love post and what you I have to have the permalink...

Can't wait to see what God does!! xo

Tiffany said...

We are in this with you! Praying that God blesses your socks off!!