Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Honor of...

our precious Solomon's birthday...
I want to remind you that there are 
ONLY 7 days left to enter in
the raffle needed to raise the FINAL funds for him to come home!!
Remember, the Finale where

You can see all of the prizes and details HERE!!!

We are $8000 away from being able to board the plane in 7-8 weeks (waiting on TA, still).

We will NOT be able to travel without the remaining funds...while that is super scary to think we could come this close and then not be able to travel until we have all the funds, God is moving mightily to bring our son home and we are excited to see how He is going to provide $8000 in 8 weeks!!!  Come along and watch all the Lord is about to do!  We are so blessed by all of you that have helped us financially and by praying for us...each of you are a HUGE part of Solomon's story we can't wait to share with him!!!

Would you please spread the word about our raffle or beads??

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