Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Aunt Stacy...

Dear Aunt Stacy,
Here is $5 from Samuel who is 5. I am giving it to you to bring Solomon home. Love, Samuel

THIS is the note I found on my door last night with $5 tucked into it. My precious nephew just turned 5 on Saturday and received $10 as a gift. He woke up yesterday morning and insisted that they drove to our house so he could leave his note. Now let me tell you about this sweet nephew of mine...he is a sweet, loving little man and money is very important to's something he likes to have and does not like to part with it ;) So you can imagine how blessed we were to find this sweet gift. Of course, I was instantly in tears...ohhhh, the heart of a child...a heart who hears the Lord and a heart that wants to please the Lord.

When I talked to him this morning he told me that now we could go and get Solomon. He can't wait to play with him!!!

My BIG boy Samuel, I love you very much! You have given us a very precious gift. Thank you sweet cousin will be home soon and I know he will LOVE playing with you!!!


stephanie said...

oh what a sweetheart!!! Got the bracelets today!!!LOVE them! didn't show Sophie her's . She will have to wait until her b day. I'm not giving this one away either!!! It's perfect.

Rebekah said...

How absolutely precious!

Debbie B said...

What a sweet little boy.

Anonymous said...

Okay now I am crying. I am blessed to be his momma and amazed at his heart and the way he sees God. Love you Stace.