Sunday, March 21, 2010

How is it possible...

This just cracks me up every time baby C does this. How is it possible that this little peanut natually squats like this. Now, she came home to us at 14 months old barely walking. It's's in her gene's!!! And if you notice, she is squatting and the heals of her feet are hanging off the back of the bench...CRAZY!!! We've studied her squat and let me just say that white girls can't squat!!

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Shelly said...

how funny! lol! My son and I actually tried to mimic the 'China squat' in our hotel room in Beijing, and we both fell on our hineys! haha! I have NO idea how they can keep their feet flat on the ground and be bent down like that. But wo! to be balanced with her heels over the edge that is some major flexibility there! :)