Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ahhh...head injuries

We've had a week of scary head injuries!!

#1 ~ Baby S started the craziness. She was in the back of our Expedition hanging over the back seat. I opened the door so I could get her in her carseat and in complete slow motion I watched my baby girl flip backwards out of the car and land directly on her head. I quickly scooped my screaming baby up... hollered for my oldest to get ice and assessed the damage. She was concussion symptoms. After all was calm we headed to Sam's Club to do our grocery shopping and she kept complaining about her head. I had resolved we better go to the doctor's just in case. As I was loading the groceries and big brother was buckling baby S in the car, she starting vomiting everywhere. I panicked (on the inside of course...can't freak the kids out) and rushed to the hospital. They did a CT scan and checked her out and said all was okay. Daddy & I spend the rest of the day & night hovering over her just to make sure she was really okay.

#2 ~ The next day I got a call from my mom and she said my little sister called frantic saying that the ceiling fan fell (yes...the ceiling fan!) and it hit her and the baby. She said there was blood everywhere and the ambulance was on the way. Mom and I hopped in the car and did everything we could do to get to her as quickly as possible (she's 1.5 hours away from us). By the time we got there the ER dr. had determined that the baby was okay...she had some cuts from the glass and my sissy was okay minus the staple she needed in her head to stop the bleeding artery....uggghh!!! They are well now...still shaken up but healing great. Have you ever heard of a ceiling fan falling...we are talking like 12 FEET!!!

#3 ~ Baby C decided to finish up the head injuries for the week although her's was a different type of 'injury'. Our precious baby C has not been blessed with the best teeth. In fact, her teeth are decaying at a very rapid rate. This is due to her malnutrition and bottle rot while in China. In late November we decided to try going the Nitrous route to help her relax. Well, let's just say...DON'T use Nitrous on a child with severe Sensory Processing was a horrible experience for our peanut. Our only choice was general anesthesia...a choice we did not accept willingly but we knew that the infections starting to brew in her mouth were very dangerous for her on many levels (including her heart).

So we proceeded with her appt. this past Monday. After they gave her the inital shot to sedate her, DH and I looked at each other like 'what have we done?' We were rushed very quickly back to the dental chair where they got her ready for the IV and general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist noticed the oxygen wasn't on and sent one of the assistants to get it on asap. While she was working on the oxygen, the anesthesia was administered via IV and baby C started to gag on her saliva and stopped breathing. The anesthesiologist told the dentist to start suctioning and he quickly grabbed it from her and stuck it down baby C's throat and down her nose to get the fluid out (all the while my baby wasn't breathing). He quickly grabbed a device that he put on her face and started cpr on her. We watched as they worked frantically on her...we watched her little chest go up and down as they pumped air into her lungs and PRAISE THE LORD we watched her begin to breath on her own. We were absolutely terrified as our worst nightmare was happening right before our eyes. Once she began breathing, she was completely stable. We stood there in disbelief at what just happened and wanted so desperately to grab her out of that chair and run. But we knew she was stable and we knew we could never do this again and we knew we had to have her teeth fixed. Let's just say that mommy and daddy stood in the door way for the entire 3 hours they worked on her teeth watching EVERY vital & asking lots of questions.

I tell ya it's been a crazy week but our God is AMAZING. He has protected my family...He saved saved my baby C's life, protected baby S's life, and He protected my precious sister and niece. Thank you Lord for being the peace in the storm...for being our strong protector and healer!!!

Oh, how I love these girls...thank you Jesus for holding them in Your protective hands!!


Jill said...

OMGoodness! You have had such a CRAZY week! Are YOU okay?

Although the first 2 stories were awful, the third story took my breath away. Glad S is okay. Hope your sis and her baby are still doing well.

They say things come in 3's so hopefully you are done! LOL!

I am a bit interested in the "sensory processing disorder" issue you are talking about. Can you email me some more info?


Hezra said...

oh!! I am in tears here FOR you!I have lived these moments. Actually, when I was a kid, my little brother and I almost had a ceiling fan fall on us! It had been wobbly and rattly for days, we were watching Sat morning cartoons. I got up and went to the couch, then he got up to go for a drink. As he left, if fell.right behind him. It was horrifying! I will be praying for your sister to have peace. It really is traumatic and scary. And I am so sorry you and P had to have such and AWFUL experience with C and S. We have been to the Er many times. And I have some with sensory issues too. Know that you are loved and prayed for, and YES that God gives His angels charge over us.(and our babies!) It is not ours to worry, hon, and tell myself this every day! love you

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness. All of the accidents are crazy. I am glad you are all okay.

The ceiling fan one caused me to shudder. I had a light fixture from my bedroom fall off and hit me int he nose when I was 10. It was so scary. And at *ahem* my late 30s I am still petrified of glass light fixtures. When we bought our 1942 house I made Jeff take down all the glass light fixtures. I know I should have something up there. But seriously I am so afraid. Silly...but true.