Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Rodriguez is HERE!!!

I am in tears as I write this...sweet baby Rodriguez is here!!! Go congratulate his precious family here. And PLEASE continue to pray for his "big" brother...he is still one sick little man!!!

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS LEFT TO HELP THIS SWEET FAMILY by ChippingIn for the below raffle. I am in awe of how God is providing for this family!!!


Erica said...

Beautiful baby. Amazing God.

Becky said...

Hi....I had donated to the family on Steffany's blog but didn't get a response from you. I know that you said to email you but I couldn't find your email address (I'm probably blind). So...I feel almost greedy making sure you have my name but I also don't want to miss out on these fabulous raffles! My email address is Overjoyed to see that the new member arrived!! Bless you as you continue to be an advocate for this family and raise awareness of their need!