Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Year Ago...TODAY

One year ago, today, we received the very exciting, unexpected call about our baby girl. Here's our journal entry from that day (May 2nd, we received her beautiful pictures..I'll post them below):

MAY 1: We got 'the call' at 11:43am on May 1st. The amazing phone call that we've waited for for over a year....the news of our precious baby girl.

IT CAME!!!! IT CAME!!! At 11:43pm on May 1, "the call" came...the call that will forever change our lives. The call about our precious daughter that we have deeply loved for so long. I can't stop shaking with excitement and joy. We have our daughter!!!! Paul is in Virginia on a business trip and it took me forever to get a hold of him (at least it seemed like felt like time stopped). He is so excited. So excited, in fact, that he said "Book me a flight, I want to come home. I want to be there when we learn all about our daughter." Tomorrow morning at 10am, we will finally see our baby girl's face and learn all about her and who she is....WE CAN'T WAIT!!! Our God is so awesome!!!!

MAY 2: It's a beautiful day!!! Daddy made it home safe and sound. Everyone, including the kids jumped out of bed super early this morning. I'm just sure our house is floating in the sky. We are all so excited about our baby. Off we go...I'll post asap. I know you all are just as excited to hear all about her :)

*SHE'S AMAZING!!! Just amazing!!! Read the file 'Our Referral' for all of the info. on her and of course, her beautiful picture.

We came home to a house full of family waiting to hear all about our little peanut. The kids were so excited to see her picture. They have been dreaming of her and loving her for so long. Daily they would talk about her and ask when do we get to go and get her. We can finally tell them "very soon". We are coming so soon baby girl!!!! AAHHHHH!!! So soon!!!!

I still can't believe it's been a year since we gazed upon her beautiful face. Everything we had been dreaming of for so long was starting to become a reality! I will never forget that phone call. Because of the uncertaintly of a sn's direct CCAA match, we had no idea when 'the call' would come. It came 7months later than we thought so we had just about given up hope that it was ever going to come.


JMCS said...

Happy one year my friend. What a gorgeous baby Cana was (and still is). You are truly an inspiration. Hope your day was wonderful. :)


JMCS said...

I just watched Cana's Gotcha Video. It is truly beautiful. I am over here bawling like a baby. You did a great job on it. I just want to go wake Sofia up and hug her (but I won't - lol). Thank you for sharing it with us.