Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I'm back...I think ;)

Boy, it has been a very interesting season in our lives....LOL....WAIT....'has been' how about STILL IS.

I'll save you the boring list of what's been going on but lets just say the list would include a few things like....unemployment, cancer scare, broken foot, personal property theft, identity theft, ridiculous, difficult situations with our unemployment & insurances, just about every appliance breaking from a cracked toilet tank to our 4 year old AC breaking...ugghhh, never a dull moment...I would have to say that is just the TIP of the iceberg!!!

What has our Lord done through all of these 'light afflictions'? He has given us beautiful and complete peace, amazing and unimaginable provision, strength and endurance, and an excitement to see what He has yet to do.

Lord, let my lifesong be pleasing to you. Oh, how I want my life to be a reflection of you. How I want to be in your will. How I want to serve you will my whole heart and to be obedient to your perfect calling and plan for my life. Thank you for carrying me through these stinky times and for loving me enough to know I need to be continually molded and shaped. Amen!

Pictures of the fun stuff SOON to come AND a little bit about my new business venture :)


Jill said...

OOOOH! I am so excited to hear about your business adventure!!
Sorry to hear life has been so crazy, but I just love hearing how HE has given you all such peace!

I have not forgotten about our talk! How about sometime next week?

Hugs, Jill

God's Girl said...

Oh Stacie,
Sounds like some tough times... I think I can relate somewhat.

I am so thankful that we know who is in charge of all of these details... it brings such comfort and purpose.

Julie K

Hezra said...

so sorry to hear about the hard stuff. I understand. Glad to hear from you! love ya~Hezra

Debbie B said...

Ugh! Not very pleased to hear how your life has been lately. But it's very nice to hear you talk about God's blessings and direction in the middle of it all. I know it's not easy but glad He's still there through the gray clouds.

Erica said...

Oh Stacie!!! Crazy! Love you. Love the fam. I'll call you soon. Today in fact. After I get my act together. Miss you.

Susanz Place said...

I love your "lifesong"


Shelly said...

my heart hurts for you guys! It is so exhausting emotionally, spiritually, physically, to endure trials like these. Just praying God pours out a blessing on you so big your heart can not contain the whole of it! He is faithful to His promises - praying He continues to make your lifesong beautiful! You inspire me soo much!