Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Cleanin' Baby

What is your first plan of attack for spring cleaning?

I'm thinking....clean carpets and some fresh paint BUT I have to weed through each room first. The sad thing is once I'm done weeding out each room, I don't want to clean carpets or paint anymore...maybe I should do that first ;)


Tony and Julee Huy said...

OH wow! Just those comments has gotten me inspired! I need to make a spring cleaning plan. We emptied out storage into our house and now I have to find where everything needs to go and get rid of stuff. Then there is Katie Ann's room which has never been organized since we moved in...

As for paint there is bird poop on my porch railing that has been there since we moved in that totally grosses me out. I'm going to need a good dose of Stacy inpiring to paint a porch.

Maybe a plan to do half the house then paint and then the rest of the house and then the carpets? :)

Hezra said...

Oh, I would SO rather paint than try to figure out the new homes for STUFF part. Or cleaning out from under things. Paint is instant change. New color new mood. . . ahhhh. But we are in up to our eyeballs with rooms right n ow. It has taken a month of gradual work to get the boys room together(granted it is the equiilent of four rooms so that is one a week. . .) Now I am stck. Facing my girls' bedrooms. One is a mess and they LIVE there, the other is a mess and there are no children living in it yet! lol. It has to be repainted and set up for homestudy and I on't KNOW these girls tastes or likes or dislikes. Meanwhile all the STUFF for four girls is dwelling in the other room. I am beginning with decluttering and cleaning rooms and MAKING myself finish one room before I move to the next.(even if it takes a month!) My plan: declutter,paint if needed, clean, add new stuf(curtains/bedding if needed) organize. I am trying to seperate the things I hate with the things I LOVE.