Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bi-Racial Hair Care

I was recently asked advice on how to care for bi-racial hair and below was my response. I thought a few of you might find it helpful. After $100's and $100's we finally found what works for "Tr's" hair. If you have any other tricks, let me know :) "Tr's" hair does require lots of care but it's worth it and we have a blast trying all kinds of new things.
Hair Products (in order of my favorites...we pretty much only use Paul Mitchell at this point):
1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner AND Leave-In Condition
2. Mixed Chicks shampoo and Conditioner
3. Pantene for women of color - shampoo and conditioner

Other products we use daily:
1. Just for Me spray detangler (Wal-Mart or Target)
2. V05 leave-in conditioning dressing ( tube or jar) This stuff is fabulous...only need a small amount

Hair tips for bi-racial children:
1. Only wash hair with shampoo 1x a week but use a conditioner at least 2x a week (let the conditioner sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing) Also, use large tooth comb to comb conditioner through hair before rinsing
2. Have child sleep with satin cap
3. Have child sleep with a satin pillow case (cotton pulls the moisturizers out of the hair and satin does not)
4. Use a leave-in conditioner daily (only need a small amount)
5. Comb hair with large tooth comb and comb from the ends up towards the roots
6. YouTube has a ton of neat braiding videos...we have lots of fun with these :)
7. Never use rubber..rubber bands..use the cloth covered ones. Bi-racial is very fragile and can break easily. Treat it like you would a delicate silk blouse ;)

Our daily routine:
1. Wet hair with Just for Me spray detangler
2. Comb
3. Add Paul Mitchell leave-in condition (small amount)
4. Then add V05 leave-in conditioning dressing (small amount)
5. Comb again
6. Finish styling hair and we are good to go :)
(again, I shampoo once a week and use a rinse conditioner at least twice a week)

Another option is to use a gentle relaxer on her hair (if you are nervous about doing this yourself, I highly recommend having it done by a professional). I recently used the Just for Me relaxer on "Tr's" hair and it worked beautifully! She has long, loose, spiral curls right now and she loves it! It's very gentle on the hair and made for children & it's inexpensive (Wal_Mart or Target). If the directions are followed properly, the hair comes out great!

Hmmmm, I think that's about it. I hope this is helpful. Bi-Racial hair is tricky because it can have so many textures. The above works for "Tr's" hair because her hair is NOT coarse but dry and extremely curly. A lot will depend on your child's hair.


Jill said...

I KNOW we will be talking someday soon!
Hugs! Jill

Susanz Place said...

yes i too love most of those products for aaron - we currently use the straight products from avon - $5 a pop sure is cheap and also I love love love motions in the yellow container with purple writing.
right now i'm just dealing with aboy that wants straight hair like his friends - he hs no idea how fabulous his hair is.
love ya girl

*Overflowing* said...

OOohh, I haven't tried Avon's products.

I've used Motions and it's great, too. Thanks for the reminder.

Just yesterday Tr. was saying she wanted straight hair like her friends, too. I remember doing the same thing. Now, I LOVE my curly hair and wouldn't trade if for straight hair. I've used the flat iron on her once and she loved it so I figure every once in a while will be okay. The grass is always greener, right?!?!?

Thanks for the Avon tip...who do you buy it from?

Debbie B said...

Thank you so much for this. I was talking with another mom last week about this very thing. Glad to see what works for you.

God's Girl said...

What great tips. I wish someone would have given my mom tips on curly hair when I was growing up.

My little one has the opposite kind of hair. Straight and fine. So... I'm still learning. : )

meili_lo said...

i admire what you're doing... God Bless you more.

anyway, I would like to invite you to my blog and hope you can share your thoughts on my posts. it's my way of learning from different cultures - how you view things and as well as from your experiences. would really appreciate it if you can visit.


Happiness In Numbers said...

Her hair is growing so much, Sun I was telling her how I loved the curls. I'm going to try some of these hair products on Miss Juleah as she is my Diana Ross.

Cheri H said...

Oh I love her hair! I do know that it takes a lot of work though. I love your hair care tips!

steffany said...

Great info. Thanks

Livin' out loud said...

Your family is so beautiful!! I am glad to have found your blog! Keep on posting...

Jonni said...

Thanks for sharing all your haircare tips with us. "Tr" is beautiful and what a gorgeous head of hair she has. You are such an awesome mommy. :)