Monday, October 13, 2008

YES on Propositon 8 California

The implications of Proposition 8 failing are HUGE!!!! We need to vote YES on Proposition 8 to protect marriage...marriage as the bibles defines between an MAN and a WOMAN!! Watch this very important video. If Prop. 8 fails, our parental rights to educate and raise our children according to how WE choose will be ripped away from us. Nothing is as it seems and the homosexual community's agenda is not simply a sexual preference but an agenda to destroy biblical beliefs and implement a 'tolerance' that is far from biblical truths! As Christians, we need to be educating others on this proposition. It has been purposely written to confuse voters...surprise, surprise!! (don't forget to scroll down and pause my site music)


Andrea said...

Hey Girl,
She was 6 months old and 1 day.
She was a fat little butterball,though.
I went back and watched your video.
We recognized so many people! It was fun to watch someone else there.
I am going to email you later. :)


Jill said...

Mark and I are %100 with you on this. It was so upsetting to see in the news what happened in CA. I was disappointed to see Brad Pitt put so much money to defend this issue. Good luck!