Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tagged x4

Seriously, girls...thank you for including me in this!!! Erica, Teresa, Shanna, & Trina was going to tag me but saw I was tagged 3x...LOL.

7 quirky things about me...hmmm..."I'm not quirky...not one bit" my husband starts laughing at me...

1. I would have 20+ kiddos if Paul would let me...that's not weird at all!!

2. I LOVE, LOVE one point I had over 100 pairs of shoes...for real :) Unfortunately, my shoe budget has shifted to 5 precious pairs of feet...they sure have some cute shoes :) My oldest keeps telling me he only needs one pair of shoes...SILLY BOY (he's just like his daddy...I have bought Paul so many shoes and he doesn't wear any of them...I just don't get it!!

3. I LOVE to run...have love it ever since high school. I ran 2 half marathon's in high school. Couldn't do that now...4 miles is my max :)

4. I thrive most when my life is very full and busy...go, go, go. I may complain that I'm going nuts but I can't stand being bored.

5. A fun evening to me is painting my house or re-organizing something or deep the garage. I LOVE to organize and change things around.

6. Paul says I'm weird because I will pull out the paint and touch up spots on the wall...doesn't everyone do that???? Unfortunately since my 2 whirlwinds started teaming up, I spend most my days scrubbing markers and crayons off the walls...ugghhh!!

7. I love being a wedding coordinator for our church. All the chaos and stress is a blast!

8. My sweet friend, Michelle, just reminded me of one more quirky thing. I have to iron EVERYTHING!! I'm talking everything...all the way down to the kids onsies :) Even if it doesn't look wrinkled, I still iron it!

9. Ooohhh, I thought of one more...I am an extremely visual person (hence the ironing problem). If something is crooked, doesn't match, or out of place it makes me absolutely CRAZY!! Ask my dh...with 5 kids everything is askew & it's all I can do not to commit myself to a looney-bin!

So, there you have it...I don't have anything quirky about me!! And look...I gave you 9 things...that's weird, too :)

Now, if I don't tag anyone, will I grow warts on my nose and my teeth fall out for breaking the 'tagging'? All of my friends have been tagged with this one :)


Blessed said...

100 pairs??? Really? I would have never known that about you.

That's funny. You love deep cleaning. I love deep cleaning. I just don't like to do it. Maybe we could team up, huh? So, when you're all done scrubbing the marker off the tummys and feeling bored, come on over. :)

Oh, and I'm glad you weren't at park day today. My shirt was totally wrinkled and I kept thinking...if Stacy sees me like this, she's going to pull out her handy dandy iron and use it on me. ;)

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh you poor soul, did you have to succumb to the evil tag too??? I just posted mine and I NEVER do tags. I couldn't take the guilt anymore!!! :)

Yours was fun to read - I would have 20 kids too, if my husband weren't so practical!


*Overflowing* said...

Michelle, YES over a 100...sad, I know! ROTFL...I don't look at other people and think "uugghhh, you need to iron that". I may notice cause I'm weird like that, but I NEVER think anything of it!!!!

Rebecca, too funny...I've avoided them, too :) I guess it's a good thing to have a practical hubby...that's what keeps us balanced ;)

Jill said...

Oh, we are sooo much a like it cracks me up!! I have been fretting about how I am going to iron EVERYTHING when there are 4 of us, I don't know how you do it!

Blessed said...

That's a big relief! ;) I need much grace in this area. :)

Mashel said...

Wow, I need you to come to my house and help me organize! I like having things organized, I just don't ever seem to have time to do it! How do you find the time? And really, ironing everything? I definitly don't have time for that! ha ha

Erica said...

HA HA! How fun! I'm with you on the painting, cleaning, organizing. If only I had the time in the day to do what I'd like.