Friday, October 10, 2008

Potty Training ~ Round 2

Something tells me we are going to have many "rounds" with 2 girls to potty train. Remember how we...ehhheemmm...IIIII began potty training the girls (with daddy's encouragement ;) a month ago. Soooo, that last like 2 days and I couldn't take living in the bathroom all day long and reading every children's story known to man and still no potty!!! So, I figured I'd give it a few more months.

Well, it looks like little miss 'C' is going to potty train herself...yippee!!! It all started at our homeschool co-op classes. The last 2 times they said she used the potty and 'S' even used it today. As soon as we got home, 'C' said she needed to go potty and sure enough she did. I put her in pink panties and she kept saying, "Thank you mama...thank you for my pink panties...wook at me...wook at me...I have pink panties." She was sooo excited! Maybe if I get her princess panties that will seal the can't tinkle on the princesses :) Oh, my silly girls!

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Shanna said...

Potty training, wonderful potty training. It tests even the most patient of mommies. I have found that for every poo or pee, a reward of one M&M was the best method for us. I couldn't keep them off the potty :D
Good luck! There are lots of princess panties out there, that should make it easy!