Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How many mommy's can we have in one house?

So, we (well...I) attempted potty training the girls. Whatever...it's impossible to potty train 2 at once! S was doing pretty good but C would not sit still for nothing. She was practically doing gymnastics on the potty. So, I decided to just do S with the hopes that C would follow behind.

Well, long story short...we are going to put if off for a couple more months :) The girls just turned 2 so I'm hoping they'll be ready soon.

Soooooooo, yesterday I walked into the sitting room and saw a naked S, a diaper laying on the floor, and next to it a puddle of pee. I told S she needed to use the potty soooo mama C hurded S to the bathroom...literally pushing her...C sat S on the little potty and said, "Go potty." Then C jumped on top of the big potty (seat down), picked up a book to read and encouraged S to go 'peepee'. I wished I had my camera, it was hilarious.

Then last night, C told S it was time for her to go to bed. She gave S her binkie, blanket, prayed with her, and tucked her in. C is only 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are too much!!


Andrea said...

You guys look like us?
How much do you love atching other people COUNT your kids?! :)


Debbie B said...

That is so cute.