Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun!!

It seems like forever since I've posted. We've been super bbbuusssyy! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to!

The girls in a fashion show at our agency summer reunion.

!!!Twice the fun!!!

Best buddies....T and K

T getting ready to race at Dromo One.

Yummy noodles in China Town.

Modeling our dresses made by mommy's friend Cheri.

"Open Up"

S's new silly face..."Hhhuuuu"


God's Girl said...

Thanks for sharing such great and fun pictures! You have been blessed with a beautiful family!

Mashel said...

Those pictures are all so sweet. I am glad you are having fun family time as together. I love that you tried the swing trick, see it it perfect, isn't it? And they weren't too big! So cute!

Shanna said...

AWESOME PICTURES!!! What an amazingly beautiful family. Our Kunming girls really do favor! Sweetness galore. We bought a swing to hang under our porch just like the one in your pics so that we could swing our two China babes together. They LOVE it! AND they can't pinch each other when they are back to back. hee, hee.

Cheri said...

Oh you have been busy! I LOVE all the new pictures! Everyone looks so happy and healthy!

Susanz Place said...

love the pix - busy busy - it makes me tired just thinking about it all - i thought VBS week was busy - as a mom stace you're a

JMCS said...

Your family is so beautiful my friend. Love the pictures so much. Did you make the cute pink polka-dotted hairbows? They are adorable.