Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our little princess

Our little princess...daddy named her and it means 'princess'...she is indeed a sweet princess!! This little one was the most beautiful surprise ever and we love her soooo deeply (yes, surprise adoptions do happen :) She has the best sense of humor. She is the most easy going of the bunch...she's 5th in line. Our little S is soooo much fun. She loves to dance and has recently taken up singing...all the time...soooo priceless (I'll post video soon)!


My Blessed Life said...

She is so precious! So cute!

Lisa said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful!!!! There is always room for 1 more! I heard it said once kids are like jello and easily slide on over to make more room. I thought it was cute cause they hadn't met my kids!!!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...


I have to say that I am in complete awe of your beautiful family. Your children are all so amazing.

P.S. I agree completely, there is always room for 1 more. :)


Cheri H said...

Oh I love her strawberry blonde hair! My sister had hair like that when she was little and now it is an orangie red! Very pretty. She is beautiful!

Carol said...

oh that is funny..we have that same purple shirt with the flowers on it.....great minds think alike.....your children are precious!