Wednesday, December 08, 2010


~BUMPING it ONE last time~
I'm bumping this post last more time!
NECKLACE GIVEAWAY drawing will be on December 11th!
Still time to link up, spread the word, shop, win a Solomon Beads necklace!

Christmas Frenzy is for EVERYONE!!!
You will fit in one of two categories....
1. Fundraising family
2. Supporting family :)'s how it works. All of us LOVE to give Christmas gifts EVEN when times are financially tough. Having just finished the fundraising journey, I keep thinking how can we help other families?!?! Soooo, here's my idea.

~You must be in the process of adopting a child that is NOT already don't have to be matched yet, though. You must be using the funds from your items to directly fund your adoption costs.
~You are selling an item to help raise funds to bring your child home. (no raffles,'s okay if you are currently running a raffle BUT you MUST be selling fundraising items too, like shirts, etc...that is what you need to be linking to)
~If someone is giving your family part of the proceeds for items, like Scentsy, jewelry, THAT WORKS, TOO :)
~You need to post on your blog and/or facebook about our Christmas Frenzy and link back to my blog. This is CRUCIAL...the more awareness we raise the more supporting families we will have.
~Please make sure you create a NEW blog post regarding the Christmas Frenzy...don't link to an old post. BUT don't forget to highlight what YOU are SELLING in that post :)
~I would love for you to become a follower of my blog...just cause I wanna know who my friends are :)
~Add your blog LINK to the BELOW Linky tool (at the bottom of this post)
~Fun idea for fundraising guys can swap items and then have some fabulous items to do a raffle.

~Make your Christmas list and try to support as many families as you can by purchasing their fundraising items as gift. (click on the below links to see the families)
~Please help spread the word for these families!!! Blog, facebook, tweet, and link back to my blog!!!
~I would love for you to become a follower of my blog...just cause I wanna know who my friends are :)

The prize...Winner of the giveaway will receive a Solomon Beads necklace of their choice!!!
~ONE giveaway entry: If you purchase an item from one of the Fundraising Families, leave me a comment! You don't have to tell me what you bought or who you bought it from...just that you helped ;)
~ONE giveaway entry: Raise awareness about our Christmas Frenzy, facebook, tweet, email...leave me a comment that you've raised awareness and you'll get another entry in the giveaway.
~You can leave me a comment simply saying 1 or 2 entries :)

For questions, you can email me at


Kelly said...

What a great idea...we would love to be a part of it as a fundraising family!! I am looking forward to spreading the word and doing some "shopping" soon!!

Sheri_n_Ben said...

Hi Stacy! I read your post, and your blog, what a terrific idea! After seeing all of your wonderful fundraising ideas, and your beautiful jewelry, I was going to talk to your off post about fundraising ideas for us too. As you know, we are bringing home our son in December. He is our 3rd child from China in 3 years, but the 10th child in our family! Funds are TIGHT, and fundraising not going so well. My share of our new care package business is the only fundraiser that is making a little money right now.
Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
You are an angel to many!
Sheri (Leilah Di, Olivia Xia and XiaoXiao's Mommy...and Mom to many more!)

Sarah said...

Hi Stacy,

I was wondering if you would contact me via email (I searched for a way to contact you and couldn't find one - which might be just a case of mommy brain!). I would love to participate, but I would like to explain our family's circumstances to make sure that you think we're "legal" to participate. Thanks so much!!

Tim and Denise said...

Please email me as well. I have a home business and am using it to raise funds. I want to make sure that I can link that here. Thanks! timand deniset (take out all the spaces in the email) Thanks!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Great idea! I would love to do all my Christmas shopping to help bring children home to their forever families! I need more guy things though! I don't know that they would wear adoption t-shirts. The coffee is a great idea, but for those of you fundraising, can you think of some other guy stuff to sell??


Laura said...

Hey Stacy! I too had a question for you about this, but couldn't find a way to contact you, could you emil me? thanks! laura

Kelly said...

I am doing my post today to link back to this. I have shared with so many friends who are excited to take a look. I did see your note about guy gifts...we do have travel mugs=very manly gift!! :)

Again, thanks for letting us be a part of this!

Anonymous said...

Stacy! What a wonderful idea! Praise the Lord for such a win-win opportunity for so many people! Thank you, thank you for making your blog the "clearinghouse" of adoption fundraisers! :0)

I have posted my Christmas Frenzy post, and I am so excited about it! And I just officially became a follower (even though I have unofficially been following for about 7 months now, LOL!)!

Great idea about more manly gifts. We will look into this.

Unknown said...

Sweet Denise...I keep emailing you and it keeps bouncing back. Please email me at

Mandie said...

Saw the post about needing guy things. I just added BBQ aprons to acupquitefullcreations. Check them out.

Tim and Denise said...

Thanks Stacy! I just sent you an email. Hopefully, it will make it to you :)

Tim and Denise said...

Thanks Stacy! I just emailed you. Hopefully, it will come through. :)

Unknown said...

Two entries for me! I purchased and I posted a link on Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We are listed as a fundraising family and have also put a post on our blog. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

Deb said...

2 entries, purchased something but I won't post it on the blog till tomorrow.

Su said...

Hi Stacy. I found you thru another's blog. . another who is adopting from the same agency we are. We are in the process of bringing a 6 year old boy home from Ethiopia. . we have the referral. We are just waiting for the fee to go with it. Thank you so much for coming alongside other adopting families. I linked up our fundraiser (In This Home custom paintings). I also am your newest follower. And I posted about you and your Christmas Frenzie on my blog. Here is the post I did:

Check it out!!

Thanks for serving our King!!

Kelly said...

I have made two purchases from these fundraisers!! This was such a great idea for gifts--a double blessing!!

jeanette said...

thank you for taking the time to do this. i LOVE this idea and can't wait to have time to peruse all these great fundraisers.

Amy said...

I am linked up and posted about it, but I was wondering if you could make the Christmas frenzy @ the top a button we could grab and post on our blogs for the holiday season. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Amy, I added a box on the sidebar with the code that you can copy to put this link on your site. -paul

Unknown said...

I also would be glad to put buttons for families on the website if anyone wants to be listed there too! Great idea!

3 Countries 1 Love said...

Love, love, love this idea. Thanks so much for doing this.

2 entries for me :)

Kelly said...

LOVE THIS - added the button to my sons blog!

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Ok, I've started my shopping! Love this idea Stacy!

mary leigh said...

someone had custom silloutes on their site. I think their mother in law cut them. You just needed to send a picture...
I thought i saved the link, but didn't! Now I've been back through the links and can't find it.
HELP! Who was it? Are you out there? Email me at

I want to order some!

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Can you add our blog? We have shirts and more items coming soon! Great stocking stuffers! Thanks for hosting this for adopting families. I'd much rather shop with a purpose, plus you've spurred me on to begin our Christmas shopping. This is important since we will possibly be in Africa bringing our little one home for the holidays.

The Stums said...

Hi! I'm adding your Christmas Frenzy button to my blog today. I found you via Kim Jewett, and since we aren't fundraising (for once!), I'm thrilled to help other families. Thanks for compiling all of these!

Dreams of Grace said...

Hi!! Just wanted to let you know to put me in for 2 entries as I've helped w/a purchase and have posted, posted, posted!! Thank you for doing this for all of us on this journey. Prayers for you and yours.